Flyer storage is what happens when you get entrepreneurs that are passionate about the Dayton area together. Add in a huge, secure (we're talking government level security in this place) building and the idea to make area college students lives easier was born. It helps that we've got University of Dayton alumni calling the shots.

For the students - just focus on class, we’ve got all sorts of flexibility around your schedule for drop off & pick up. For the parents - don't worry, we're invested in the area, the schools, and our reputation. We'll make sure your student's belongings are the last thing they would ever need to worry about. We're bonded and insured, to help put your mind at ease.
We know you've got a lot to worry about right now. Where you keep your stuff over summer vacation shouldn't be one of them.

There are multiple sized storage units to choose from, so whether you're just storing a couple boxes, your whole room, or your whole house - we've got you covered. Check out our available sizes here.