Urban Indoor Storage FAQ

Where is Urban Indoor Storage located?
You can find our our storage facility in Tech Town at 804 E. Monument Ave. We’re easily accessible from all directions including I-75, SR35, I-70, SR48 and I-678.

What businesses and attractions are near your facility?
Urban Indoor Storage is in the same building as La Gota Coffee. Next to The Entrepreneur Center, and near Fifth Third Field- Dayton Dragons, Requarth Lumber and Webster St Bridge.

Are your storage units kept clean?
They’re spotless! Not only that, but they’re also completely free from insects and rodents.

Do you have any useful amenities for business owners?
We sure do. Our facility features both a business center and conference room for your convenience.

What if I need more tape or boxes while on-site?
Not a problem. Various supplies are available to purchase at reasonable prices.

Can I pay my bills online?
Absolutely. In fact, it’s the easiest way to keep up with your rent at Urban Indoor Storage. Just access your account through our website.

What security features do you have?
Our fenced and gated facility is fitted with high tech surveillance cameras that constantly record and monitor.

Do you have wine storage options?
We do. If you’re a collector of fine wines, you’ll love our affordable wine storage. Please contact us for more information.

Are your units temperature controlled?
Temperature controlled options are available. Please contact a member of our team for rates and availability.

Do you have drive-up access?
Drive-up access is available. Instead of carrying your items, you can pull a moving truck up to the dock, or drive in to our garage with a small enough vehicle.

Are your units equipped with power?
Our units do have lighting but do not have outlets.

How do I get started?
Just contact us and we’ll help you choose and rent the best option to suit your needs. We’re eager to help!